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Members Online

Throughout the year, guest members have full access to the members online facility. Detailed sets of updated data from our partners across all regions, territories, sectors and industries are offered.

Our partners maintain guest member areas to aid your planning- whether for information, discussion, contacts or taking part in building a business relationship.

Guest members are in contact with their peers and fellow members to facilitate discussion and business throughout the year. Discussions are encouraged between all parties for business opportunities to develop, ideas exchanged and contacts made.

Our media partners are involved and keen to discuss your plans for editorial thoughts, speakers from your organization who aid knowledge building in the area and bring international experience to a fast growing region.

As Arabian Gateway events take place across the world, new members will also join the online community and further opportunities gathers momentum between continents. Arabian Gateway is the means by which hundreds of senior people interact and build business opportunities.

All parties have guaranteed access to all areas of the site, build profiles and meet away from the main events at any time to suit their schedule. As founding partners, the airlines and hotels involved offer Arabian Gateway rates to members giving further reason to become part of this global series.

Members attending one event only are members free of charge a year of signing up, but also have the opportunity to continue membership without attending further events for a fee. Members wishing to bring more colleagues to an event, returning for a further year to the same event or wishing to add new events across the globe to their bookings are offered discounts for further membership and all parties are included in the members’ area of the site to share and build business.

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