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Exclusive Contacts

The MENA region already has a 300 million population, 60 percent of the world’s energy supply and a fast growing middle class with attendant disposable income.

The World Bank estimates a 500 million population by 2050, therefore international businesses will require regional HQ’s; Arabian Gateway is a highly practical series of global events where senior personnel from organizations will find useful in order to expand their business within the MENA region.

All member guests, speakers and supporting companies gain a closed members online club where networking, sharing ideas and building contacts continues throughout the year; every event membership joins all guest members in one large network across the globe.

Subsequently, this experience will enable senior business owners to meet all other inbound delegates from across the world with similar aspirations to grow their businesses, develop relationships on every continent as well as take part in workshops and discussions to develop business plans.

The MENA region includes a board mixture of individuals that share a diverse but allied culture; it is home to a mixture of many different nationalities that live and work in the region.

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