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Business Between the UAE and the USA

The UAE and USA have been meeting to discuss the Economic Policy Dialogue, which serves as a platform to develop a number of new initiatives that are intended to strengthen the economic, trade and commercial relationships between the two countries.

Emirates Airline plans to more than double its network of US destinations in the next three to five years to a total of 15 destinations; Thierry Antinori, chief commercial officer, said in an interview with Thomson Reuters.

The United States and the UAE enjoy a trade and investment relationship with little direct relationship to UAE oil exports. This is one of the fastest growing US economic partnerships, both globally and especially in the Gulf region.

The UAE has one of the most open economies in the world. And its vigorous economic partnership with the United States reflects the UAE’s role as a regional leader in terms of economic reform, openness to international trade and investment, and political stability.

The volume of US exports and foreign direct investment into the UAE in recent years has grown dramatically and is likely to continue to grow in the future. This growth reflects the increasingly diversified UAE economy as well as the country’s leading role as a modernizing influence in the Arab world.

 Recent Trade and Investment Highlights:

 (Source: Embassy of the United Arab Emirates).


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