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Client Events

We understand events, pure and simple. Client events are a highly efficient way of securing business growth, finding new partners, acknowledging customers and building relationships in a closed environment which you control. Your creative ideas, your staff, your IP and your customers and/or prospects gather to hear your message.

We’ve been organising events for clients since 1990; from small ‘town hall’ meetings through large scale awards to company networking evenings for staff and suppliers – either around exhibitions or as ‘stand alone’ events. In that time we’ve organised events in the energy sector for some of the world’s best known oil & gas companies (ExxonMobil, Shell, ADNOC etc), through technology and education gatherings (Apple, RM, Microsoft etc) and into the travel, manufacturing and retail sectors through awards such as the Retail Week Awards, TTG Awards and MIAA’s.

We take your brief and respond with professional ethics, creativity, a clear timeline and objectives.

We always deliver on message, on budget and on time.

Contact us to discuss your event ideas at and we’d be pleased to respond with our experience and ideas to help you deliver a great event.

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