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Our Experience

Since 1989 we have organized 150+ exhibitions, conferences, live shows, awards and networking events globally across Europe, the Middle East, Asia (including China and India), Australia, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Africa and South Africa.

Ranging from 50 specialists to 50,000 trade show and conference audiences, Bluestone management has operated some of the top events in the world of B2B events. Our founders have 20+ years experience in positions such as Event Director, Sales Director, Head of Conferences, Regional MD Middle East & India, MD Europe and Global VP Energy Group in the worlds largest events businesses.

In short, we believe we have the experience in building, owning and managing events, and we’d like to share that experience through helping your business build business through Arabian Gateway and managed events.

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Events are about building relationships and delivering audiences through understanding markets and needs. As it’s a personal relationship we also rather hope that we’re approachable and knowledgeable.

Contact us to find out how we can help your events sing and enable you to reach the best audiences through Arabian Gateway or discuss how events can add major marketing power to your business.

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