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Headline Sponsorship Cost

This is suitable for international inclined companies seeking to be identified with the whole event series, all participants and marketing to all directors in all territories. The reach is more than 5  million company directors across the world who are exploring growth in the MENA region for their businesses.

  • Covers all sectors and all sponsorship levels.
  • Marketing globally through the website and in all promotion to
    more than 420,000. businesses across the world.
  • Direct contact with guest members online for location(s).
  • Bespoke marketing relevant to the businesses in the chosen location(s).
  • One complimentary place in chosen location(s).
  • A speaker platform for chosen sector in chosen location(s).
  • Present papers at each event.
  • Seat on the advisory board for the global gathering.
  • Arrangement to meet all delegates.
  • Pre-arranged one-on-one meetings for the event with the budget holders.
  • Exclusive agreement for the complete series across the world.

Headline Sponsorship Cost



Additional Offers: Exclusive Sponsorship

The sponsorship is not exclusive. Exclusive sponsorship rates are available for just one company in a full sector.


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