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Pricing and FAQ’s

Registration Details

Pricing for the event is $4,995 for the 5-day programme INCLUDING a year’s subscription to Zawya Thomson Reuters valued at $4,500 and accessing 300,000 live business contacts as well as a host of reports and economic data about the region.



Browse our FAQs below to explore commonly asked questions and answers; If you have other questions we may not have covered, please contact us for further information.

What is Arabian Gateway?

Arabian Gateway is an annual corporate event organized by Bluestone and is in partnership with Zawya Thomson Reuters. The event gathers international senior business professionals who are interested in expanding their businesses within the MENA region, using the UAE as their gateway.

What are the goals of Arabian Gateway?

  • Deliver business growth opportunities.
  • Introduce business associates.
  • Build contacts and grow business networks.
  • Establish regional headquarters.
  • Provide accurate data on sectors and markets.
  • Specialized planning to exploit opportunities.
  • Local and regional partnership introductions.
  • Exclusive networking experience.
  • Annual access to individual, company and project profiles.

Click here for more general information on the Arabian Gateway events.

Why should we establish our business in the UAE and MENA region?

  • Middle East and North Africa MENA are a fast growth market.
  • High disposable incomes combined with a high-growth middle class.
  • Financial security with 60% of the world’s energy.
  • Youthful population growing to 500m+ within 35 years.
  • Highly accessible for the regions of Africa, India and Asia.
  • The UAE has established itself as the proven international business hub for the region.

What does Arabian Gateway deliver?

An exclusive and sophisticated networking experience that enables business owners to share discussions with Emirati and expatriate senior business directors from the region on topics related to expanding existing businesses into the GCC. In addition, the event is a practical and hands-on guide to establishing and growing a business presence in the region. Arabian Gateway‘s sponsoring partners provides guidance, vital information and essential contacts through data providers and independent evaluators, who will support guest members to successfully plan their business headquarters.

Who should attend the Arabian Gateway program?

The event brings together corporate directors actively expanding their company sales and footprint in the MENA region. Consequently, the event is a brilliant opportunity for members of all industries and their associations as they represent sectors the UAE government and commerce targets for investment which are vital for UAE’s economic growth. The key sectors are:  Aviation, Construction, Food services, Education, Energy, Information Technology, Financial services, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Legal Services, Media, Metals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitality, Transportation, Power and Utilities, Professional Services, Telecommunications and Tourism.

Why attend the event?

Senior directors interested in expanding their business in the MENA region will benefit significantly from accurate information, guidance and access to business networks. The informative discussions will cover: Taxation, HR, Emiratisation, Finance, Law, Network, IT, Trading, Telecommunication, Sector plans as well as the advantages of Free Trade Zone and regional organizations. Moreover, the event will offer regional partnership opportunities and access to project, company and individual profiles.

Direction will also be provided by Arabian Gateway‘s sponsoring partners, data providers and independent evaluators to aid in the successful planning of guest members’ business headquarters. Finally, the event is an exclusive networking opportunity to develop business connections with senior Emirati and expatriate directors from the GCC.

Can guests be a part of the speaker program?

Yes. Guest members can apply to be a speaker by contacting Arabian Gateway‘s Event Director for more information.

Can we attend if we are a start-up company?

Arabian Gateway welcomes all companies based in the UAE and abroad who are seeking to establish their organization in the MENA region. The UAE has an excellent record for entrepreneurial companies and encourages Emiratis and expatriates to develop their economic future.

How can I book online?

Click here to register now through our website. Guest members can also register and purchase tickets through Zawya Thomson Reuters.

What are the payment cancellation and refund policies?

Full payment is required on booking the delegate place. The cancellation terms after the payment date are valid until:

Booking date until (December 31st, 2013)

50% Refund

(January 1st, 2014 until March 31st 2014)

10% Refund

(April 1st, 2014) Onwards

No Refund

Will all the information and discussions at the event be recorded?

Yes. All the information at the event will be provided in both hard and electronic copy format and be distributed to the guest members.

Will guests receive a discount for not attending all days of the event?

No. The event is designed as a complete event; therefore no discounts are available for part attendance. However, delegates may receive discounts through group bookings and advanced purchases.

Are there corporate package discounts for group attendance?

Yes. Various discount offers are available for over 2+ delegates interested in attending the event. The following reductions will be applied to the total booking fees:



2- 5 Guest Members


+ 5 Guest Members


Trade association members


Click here to read more about our offers, upgrades and group bookings.

Is smoking allowed inside the premises of the event?

No. There is no smoking permitted inside of the event building. However, designated smoking areas are available directly outside of the Arabian Gateway event locations.

Are there special facilities and staff to aid disabled guests?

Yes. All guest delegates with disabilities, including wheelchair users are firmly considered; their needs will be provided for through-out the event by specialized staff.



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